Getting to the Club

Directions to get to the club if driving: we suggest using Google Maps, type the club name and the address should come up, locate that on the map and get directions.

Coming out of the village of Woclawy, go past the Elementary School on your right. This is rural area; houses are spaced out and fields can be seen.

You will see a turn in the road to the left and a green sign saying Milocin 2 km, the club is on this road.

Continue on this road for 1km on the left (in daylight) you will see a large green farm building, the club is next door to this. At night look for a green light on top of the club building.

Carry on down the road till you get to a slight bend to the right in the road with red and white hazard signs. There is a dirt track before that on the left with a white sign, this is the road to the club.

Drive to the end of the unmade road (500m) and the entrance to the club is on the right.

When you arrive at the gate press the entrance button, this will make an audible ring. When requested, give your names that you have booked under. If you are on the list the gate will open. Drive ahead and park in the car park at the front of the building.