1. What happens on my first visit ?– see What Happens on my Trip?
  2. Can I use a card for payment? – Yes we have card machines at the club or you can by cash. We recommend changing money prior coming to the club due to how far we are from the town. Initial online payments can be made via PayPal though. NOTE – Poland uses the Zloty and NOT Euros.
  3. How do you track what I spend behind the bar? – when you arrive, you are given a wrist band with a unique number on. When you get a drink, order a massage or any other expenditure, this is added to your tab. You can request an update on the amount on the tab at any time.
  4. Do I need to bring my own condoms? – you can do , however we provide plenty throughout the facility.
  5. Can I have more towels than what is in my room? – yes, please ask at the bar.
  6. What’s the best night to come as a first-timer? – It doesn’t make a lot of difference we find; sometimes if you want to just have a feel for the facilities, then come with a partner and use them on a quieter night, or experience the place in full “swing” on a busier night.
  7. Do I have to speak Polish? – No, our staff speak English as do many of our members to varying degrees.
  8. Are there other foreign people there? – yes, we have people from all over the world and a lot from Norway.
  9. Do I have to take part in activities? – Absolutely not, you can just sit and socialise, observe or take part from the sideline. You do not have to do anything you do not want to.
  10. Can I use my phone in the facilities? – Only in your room or the locker area.
  11. Can I book a massage? We have an in-house male masseur on a Saturday night. For a small fee you can book a massage for 45 mins. Please note ironically we do not supply extras with this activity!
  12. What are other nights of the week like? Party nights are mainly Friday and Saturday. Sundays can often be a nice intimate evening and some of our favourite nights have been relaxing in the bar or disappearing off and having the run of the building with perhaps just a handful of others. Thursdays can be similar, the other nights see little activity other than if anyone is staying over or we have a promotion.
  13. Do you have BDSM / Fetish evenings? Currently no, however we are hoping to promote events in 2019. Please keep an eye on our schedule or our Twitter account. We do have a range of BDSM equipment; please see our gallery page for more details. This is available if you wish to you use it.
  14. Do you have an age range? You must be at least 18 and there is no upper limit.
  15. Do I need to bring ID? We suggest that you carry ID at all times. If you drive in Poland, legally you need to have it and the hire details of the car, and if you are visiting we would expect you would have a passport or ID card.
  16. Do you have a dress code? Not as such, generally woman dress in underwear, or bedroom wear or a sexy dress and high heels. Fetish wear is welcome too. Men are more conservative although there is no need to be; boxers, T shirts and open next shirts. Men are requested to wear flip flops, if you do not have your own we can supply them.
  17. Can I purchase any “toys” at the club? Yes, we stock a range of items in the reception as you come into the club: dildos, cock rings, shoes and masks etc.
  18. What is the ratio of men to women? We generally do not dictate a percentage as it has often policed itself. We have single men, however it is never too many and if we think it is becoming so we restrict the numbers; it's in our best interests to.
  19. What if I just want to visit the club and not stay the night? That is fine, book on line, indicate you dont want accomodation and you will recieve a reply confirming your visit. Payments in advance do not need to be made for these visits, only if your staying over.
  20. How do I work out how much I pay? Firstly are you staying or not? If you are then check out the accommodation and type you require. After that if you are staying overnight then you pay the amount for the night based on if you’re a couple, single male or woman.


Couple staying 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) in a room with a shower

160 PLN x 2 nights = 320 PLN per couple

Friday Night entrance to party = 250 PLN for all night per couple

Saturday night entrance to the party = 330 PLN per couple all night includes free buffet

Total = 900 PLN additional costs will be drinks and breakfast if required