Club Rules

Jacuzzi Club Resort prides itself in a being a welcoming, inviting and safe place to stay and play, so please read and abide by the rules below.

  1. Phones and recording devices – if you are staying over these are allowed on site, however cannot be used anywhere else other than your room. If you are visiting only for the day or night and not staying over then they are to be left and only used in the locker area. Anyone wanting to do private photo shoots or controlled photos must agree with the management in advance when there are no other activities taking place and no one, including staff of the club, are in view of the shot.
  2. The club will not take liability for damage or theft from any cars left on site.
  3. Drinking – Jacuzzi Club has a licensed bar; there is no need to bring your own and our prices are very reasonable. We will not tolerate excessive drinking or some of the behaviours that come with it; anyone failing to be respectful of this will be asked to leave, will not be refunded and will not be invited back to future events. OUR POLICY IS VERY STRICT ON THIS.
  4. No touching, groping or joining in with others in the confines of the club premises will be tolerated, unless the express permission of those involved is given. Permission must be gained first and failure to comply may also mean that you will be asked to leave. There should be no assumption either that previous permission is an indicator of future permission for activity to take place.
  5. Do not solicit members of staff for “activities” -  they are there to do a job related to working and running the club.
  6. NO MEANS NO. If you have been asked to desist, then stop what you are doing and move away.
  7. Safe sex - the club provides condoms and while couples in a relationship are allowed to practise non-protective sex, it is essential that any other partners do so. It is NOT the clubs' responsibility that this is managed but those undertaking activities within it as guests.
  8. Towels and wipes are provided in each play area; please clear up after yourselves and leave it as you would expect it be left for you. Towels are to be placed in bins provided and wipes in the waste bins, alongside used condoms. People caught failing to clean up after themselves may be asked to leave the club.
  9. Although we have a large number of rooms and plenty of space, we do ask members to be mindful of the time taken in the room. If it is a busy night please be respectful of others looking to use the facilities.
  10. Drinks can be carried around the club, however outside of the bar area only in plastic cups.
  11. If you have any reason to complain about another member, please report this on the night to a member of staff, where we hope to be able to address the issue. If you wish to report something once you have left the club please do so via our contact details where will investigate and hopefully rectify it in retrospect.
  12. Drugs – Jacuzzi Club has a zero tolerance policy on their use on site and before attendance. Likewise anyone found dealing on them. You will be removed from site and banned permanently.
  13. Smoking – is permitted in the club in the bar area or outside in the designated smoking area. No other areas of the buildings, accommodation, play areas etc are you allowed to smoke. Cigars are forbidden and only tobacco made in the club can be smoked in water pipes. No OWN potions are allowed to be brought on site and smoked.
  14. Guns, Knives and other weapons are forbidden on site, anyone found with one will be banned for life.
  15. Please use the showers provided around the facility or in your rooms before using the Jacuzzis and sauna and before and after engaging in any activities.
  16. As a private members club, we request you do not ask personnel questions of others unless it is offered, do not talk openly about others and do not speak loudly so that others can overhear a conversation, we respect our members privacy.
  17. Please respect the rest of the accommodation areas; although our parties last in the early hours of the following day we appreciate that people do need to rest and we would ask you to respect that by not having private parties in your rooms.
  18. Newbies - Visiting with friends and acquaintances for the first time – if you are attending with friends, they must also have been booked in via the same process and if it's their first visit, you must take a responsibility for the their behaviour and actions.
  19. Club members can obtain a club card which entitles them to rebates and free entry to events. This card is the property of Jacuzzi Club and Resort and is only to be used by the member who name is associated with it. Anyone banned from the facilities automatically lose their right to entitlement to using the card if in their name and any costs associated with its purchase.
  20. Anyone booked to come to the club and who are under the influence of drugs, drink or of a neglected state will not be admitted to the facilities.
  21. Jacuzzi Club and Resort does not guarantee by admission to the club that they will be entitled to be involved in any erotic activities with other guests; the entrance fee only allows the use of the facilities and participation in any event that evening.
  22. Cancellations  - Those making a prepayment for the party and accommodation are entitled to a full refund if an event is cancelled by the Jacuzzi Club and Resort - this will be back to the person whose names was given at the time of the initial booking.
  23. The only place where any sexual activity cannot take place is the main bar area.
  24. Club employees are obliged to call the authorities if there are threats the property, other members and/or staff. Jacuzzi Club and Resort will pursue and seek prosecution against anyone who damages property belonging to the club.
  25. Clothing - street clothes should be left in the lockers provided or your room. Keys can be gained from the main bar on arrival. You will also be given flip flops and a towel.
  26. Women - dress sexy, underwear, bedroom attire, high heels etc. Whatever you feel comfortable in. Men - many men wear briefs or boxers, T shirt or an open neck shirt. Note poolside, some people choose to wear costumes and others nothing, including during the day, this is fine.
  27. No clothing is allowed to be worn in the Jacuzzi area.