The Club

The club can cater to over 200 people, across over 20+ playrooms, Jacuzzi and sauna area, outdoor pool, open air play areas, 4 poster beds and a cinema / disco room in use on the busier nights.

Much of the socialising and initial meets take place in the busy main bar where the staff will make you feel welcome, show you around, introduce you to other members and calm any nerves that you may have. We want you to have a relaxing and fun time.

In addition there is the unique beach area. Okay, so although we are 15 mins away from the “real” beach, we still built one!!! With palms, a pool, sand, beds to play on and loungers around the pool as well as disco on the warm summers evenings, why not start the evening in the fresh air?

Set across 2 floors, our play rooms can cater for anyone and everyone. Our smaller room can be ideal for 2 people, or a crowded 4! The larger rooms for 6-8. We have 2  “Orgy Rooms”  one for 25+ people at least and the other above the indoor pool for 50+, in fact this is where one of our most popular events takes place, our “Eyes Wide Shut” orgy. Atmospheric lighting, masks and capes and mesmerising music set the tone as you unleash your wildest fantasies in the company of other like-minded members.

Also for those with a kinky aspect we have a BDSM area spread across 5 rooms, with an assortment of equipment, engage in role playing or if new to the scene ask one of our team for tips we are more than happy to help.

In addition we have our Sybian room which is lockable for additional privacy. This “adult toy” will take you to places you will not have been to before. The room is big enough for more than one couple, so why not “team up” with others and enjoy the experience as a group?