What happens on my trip?

Once you have made contact with the club and your visit and accommodation (if you require that) is accepted, you can then book your flights.

Let the club know when you are due to land and where. If you require a taxi to the club, this will be arranged for you, we have arrangments with a local taxi company for very competive pricing to and from the club.

If you aim to get here by hiring a car, please make your own arrangements via the Gdansk airport website or other car hire companies.

The taxi will take you the 30 min trip to the club. If driving yourself, we suggest using Google Maps as this is accurate regarding our location. See our separate section on how to get to the club.

Once at the main gate, press the buzzer and you will be asked to identify yourself - the main gate will then open. Please make your way straight ahead to the reception.

Once inside, you will be met by one of the staff, you will shown your room, invited into the bar area and given a tour of the facilities. If there are other members there at the time you may be introduced to some of them, depending on the time of the day and numbers already there.

Rooms – These are generally basic, double beds with some rooms having 2 doubles. Shower facilities with soap, towels and bottled water included. Rooms have TV’s with multiple stations. All of them have windows.

For those not staying and just visiting an event, make your way to the bar area where you will be given a locker key, please change in this location and leave your valuables in there too, shower facilities are available around the premises. Note these are unisex, same as the changing area.

Evenings – people start to enter the bar area around 8 – 9.30 pm and people tend to socialise, meet old friends and make new ones; from there people tend to wander off to have a “look around” often this early in the night, the Jacuzzi area is a popular start to the evening’s entertainment

Saturdays are the busier nights of the week and our “Eyes Wide Shut” event starts at midnight. Capes and masks are handed out and people enter in the darkened underworld of the Orgy Room.

People tend to hang on till daylight, 4 or 5 in the morning and the staff are normally up till the following days breakfast period, about 10 am.

On a Saturday night food is served as a buffet at about 10pm.

Breakfast is served both as a buffet and cooked to order; Polish breakfasts are very healthy yet filling and are made up of open bread sandwiches, salads, cooked eggs etc.

Vegetarians/ Vegans and those with allergies, please let us know in advance when booking.